Thursday, 21 June 2012


I always keep my eyes on J.W. Anderson's shows after I met the crystal boots 2 years ago in the showroom. As the debut men fashion week, Jonathan just presented his latest collection in the London Collections: Men. I was amazed to see he keeps pushing the menswear limit and breaking gender boundary. This is so far the best show in the men's week during last weekend.

Named "Age of Consent", the collection keeps reminding me the fairy tale stories in men's version. The Cinderella liked headscarves, the pyjamas for Sleeping Beauties and the zombie koala bears. I love all the vests and du dou (a Chinese traditional women's underwear ) like top with the cut-out detail. The sheer elements make the collection even more androgynous.


As I said in the previous post, this red jacket is my favourite in the collection. It's just like a sleeping gown and the model just buttons up in the wrong way for getting the parcel from the postman. The patterned suit below is definite something I would like to get from the collection. And PLEASE! Get me one of the pyjamas like outfits. I am not so sure about those boot cut trousers but I won't say no to a pair of very comfortable trousers.

It's not very surprising to see Jonathan applying some pastel colours in his S/S collection (we've seen some in the S/S 2012) but I was surprised there wasn't much pattern this season. Perhaps being more minimal and focusing on the cutting and the silhouette is the new JWA men want. I think I should start working out and make my arms look nicer, saving some money and probably being more skinny for these very unisex clothes. NO?

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