I am Jason Yao, a London based Hong Konger.
I start working for different publications in Hong Kong and China 2 years ago and London opened my eyes again with all those incredible window displays and up-coming designers.

What you are visiting is called JY, my English Blog.
It was built only for window displays at the very beginning but I think it's nice to share my work here as well. So you will see an English version of the event reports and interviews I did for different Chinese media.

Vivienne Westwood is my fashion hero and I always think she brings me to this industry since I didn't really approach fashion. I picked a fashion course because I got bad result in a Hong Kong public exam and I didn't have a chance to apply for high school unless I retook my year. I took a fashion branding course because I liked Vivienne but I didn't really know what she did and what the fashion industry is about when I made the decision.

I was a Viviennemania and I loved wearing head to toe Vivienne Westwood to build the connection between me and her but I am not a Vivienne clone anymore. London treats me so well and I met many many talented designers because of my job. I love them in person and I really want to support them. I love buying their clothes and introducing them to my friend when they check my clothes. It's fun to see how hey develop when I am developing myself.

Oh, one more thing! I love visiting independent stores and meeting nice people!

Hope you love here and enjoy
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