Monday, 18 June 2012


I was very surprised I met so many amazing designs in the current London Mens fashion week (They call it London Collections: Men). I wasn't very active in menswear day in previous fashion week. It's actually my first time to join Fashion East shows and installations. I really want to clap my hands to all the menswear designers who showed during the weekend since all I met are super great designs (and I really want to buy them all personally). I am still editing some show reports and interviews so let me just share my 10 favourites during the whole London Collection.

The whole collection from Craig Green - I know Craig's creation by a designer friend and I fell in love with his graduate collection. As the debut show during fashion week, S/S 2013 is like an in depth development of the graduate collection. I always love using calico to draw and to work on my school project when I was in Hong Kong so when I saw this collection I just want to get all the pieces. Because of the Chinese culture, this beige colour tone always reflects funeral and death to my family and my mum always ask me to change the material when I was doing the project. I would love to wear the mix cotton and mohair sweater and the printed shirts. I was amazed by the collection so I just couldn't pick an items from it.

Dotted backpack from William Richard Green - WRG to me is a very wearable brands with hidden details and DOTS. I always love his latex pieces and the shirts with really great cuts. this backpack is with his iconic dotted print and I like it because the way to open it is like opening a box. I just find it fun.

Skull embroidered loafers from T. Lipop - What always remind me from T. Lipop is his hooded backpacks. His latest collection is very different from the previous ones and I really love the stitches details in the collection. The roses, the skulls and specially this pair of loafers. I am into the orange suede version as well!

Lobster jacket and trousers from Kit Neale - I love patterns, I love patterns and I love patterns. The whole collection from Kit is really good! I love the wood printed trousers but I love this lobster outfit more. Summer should be full of fun and colours shouldn't it?

Lace top from Astrid Andersen - I really like Astrid keeps bringing some feminine elements to the men's sportswear. The neon yellow lace top is very sexy and the contrast with the basketball suit is amazing! I want one if I am a giant who play basketball well!

Tartan top from Shaun Samson - The reason I LOVE this is the combination of tweed and silk, the hard and soft. Mixing different materials is the iconic technique of Shaun and it seems he develops it well. It was my first time to see his pieces in real and I like them.

Horned hat from Alex Mattsson - You may say Alex's style is not my style and I shouldn't like his designs but I just love it. I always think of the Japanese animation, Gundom when I look at his designs. His 3D patterns are also something impresses me. After the 4 horns hat he just showed the 2 horns version in the S/S 2013 collection. I want to buy one and try to wear it in my own style.

The whole collection of J.W. Anderson - How can I miss my favourite Jonathan in the menswear week!? I was so excited since I got a great seat this time for the show!(special thanks for the PR) I kept thinking of sleeping beauty in men's version when I was at the show and I love all the pyjamas looks but I specially love this red jacket in the collection. It's like the model just woke up and button up in a wrong way for opening the door and getting the parcel from the postman. I love the zombie bear sleeveless sweater and the transparent top with roses. The 2 outfits below are what I want to buy. I want to wear the JWA pyjamas to everywhere!

I probably said to many 'I like' in this post. yeah I like this I like that and I wanna get them all! Come back soon for some detail reports and interviews! You will love them like I do!

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