Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The Ant - 09/2009

I didn't really like ants when I was a child. They are too weak, too small and too easy to kill.

They changed my life since 2009. My first job in the fashion industry is nothing about fashion and clothes. My debut is an interview with Bernard Werber, a French fiction writer. It was a special experience since I didn't speak good English and he got a strong French accent so I didn't really understand what he said actually. The report was not very good but I learnt a lot from it. After the interview I read some of his books and The collection os the Ants is my favourite. I love ants since finishing all the books.

I love they share love with others and they always remind me to accept and understand the difference of other people (it's like understanding the ant). My friends teased me about loving ants and he asked me if I want to tell myself how tiny I am in the fashion world. His words recalled some of my memory.
I told myself to be honest and friendly to everyone whoever I am when I started my career and I am happy that I am still the same person.

I can remember I didn't really want to tell others I was a fashion reporter at the first 6 month of my work. I was too young and was afraid to make mistakes by telling others I worked for fashion. I even asked my mum not telling her friends that I worked for magazine! Today I have been working in this industry for 2 years and I think I am mature enough to tell people I am a fashion reporter. I put an ant on my body yesterday and it represents the stage of immaturity is over.

I am always green and I love the green me.

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