Thursday, 18 August 2011


I think it's not the first time I mentioned that colours are my vital in fashion. Although I sometimes dress all black, I hate dressing all black. I know black is an amazing colour but it's just too boring for me just wearing nice clothes in black. My favourite is BLUE! I believe the CSM graduate, Elizabeth Morling got a great sense of colours. The collection is all about different combinations of fabrics and colours. I love the way she put the Mexican elements in her collection to create the mixture between tough and soft. I am sure Elizabeth's collection is a grade A collection if you love colours like me!

As a new member in the industry, what do you think about the fashion world?
The fashion world is a tough place, where many passionate and talented people compete for the same jobs. It is however a friendly community, full of helpful and supportive characters who understand what you do and who you are.

How do you describe your style?
My style is eclectic. I love exploring different facets of fashion, and play with contrasts: long with short, plain with printed, colourful or dark. Always a touch of humour and never too polished.

What is your opinion of being a successful fashion designer?
A good fashion designer is able to understand what his client base desires and likes. He should be open minded and curious but keep true to his own style and sensitivity. He should be able to create designs that are harmonious and flattering, pleasing to the eye, but challenging at the same time.

Who is your favourite designer? Does he/she inspire you when you do your own designs?
My favourite designer is Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga. His work is always inspiring. The original designs by Cristobal Balenciaga were beautiful in cut and fabrics, but I love the new twist that Nicolas Ghesquiere has brought to the fashion house. The collections are so cutting edge and the textile research pushed to the limit.

Can you tell me more about the collection? Which is the iconic piece in the collection and which one is your favourite?
My collection was inspired by Mexican folk. I explored the crafts and techniques used in creating fabrics and clothing from that culture. I then mixed it with Islamic patterns, giving it a very colourful and eclectic feel. I always love using varied materials, and you can find a mix of leather, wool, silk, neoprene and sheepskin in this collection. The iconic piece is the last outfit, a wool dress with leather appliqué patterns. It is bright and striking but my favourite is the plae blue woven leather and sheepskin jacket. I'll definitely be wearing it.

There are many new and up-coming designers in the industry. Is there anyone that you really admire?
Holly Fulton. I love her bright prints and cool cuts and shapes. Mary Katranzou too.

As a CSM graduate, do you have any advice for other fashion students?
My advice for students is to experiment in the first few years of their degree. Make the most of the time they have when grades don't really count towards their degree. Take this opportunity to discover what they really enjoy. Be organised. Don't forget to have fun.

What is your next plan now? Are you building your own label?
My plan is to find work as a designer in a fashion house that I love, either in Paris, London or New York. I don't feel ready yet to start my own label, but it is definitely a plan for the future. I feel I need to build more experience and funds before launching in that adventure!

To know more about Elizabeth, please visit her website

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