Sunday, 1 July 2012


I am sure James long is well known by his iconic knitting skills. After few years exploring the menswear and the development of the womenswear. James ‘s brand is not only about knitwear today. The embroidery details in the S/S 2012 women’s collection is amazing! As one of the designers showing in the first London men’s fashion week, James presented a casual formal collection for his S/S 2013.

Named Kung-Fu Cawboy, the S/S 2013, it’s a very subtle collection with many different details. The pieces are full of straight lines, applying into prints, knits, stitches and even embroideries. colours include black and white, cream and even silver and gold with tartan and rhombus patterns. My personal love are the pleated shorts. They are like a kilt while walking and I love the fluidity of it so much. The chunky sweaters are also my favourite. They are one of the James’ signature now and I really want to see how his knitting skills develop in the future.

To know more about James, please visit his website

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