Friday, 29 June 2012


Craig Green, the first time I heard of this name was introduced by a designer friend. His MA graduate collection impressed me a lot with the strange cutting, projection like prints and the 'travel boxes'. It was quite surprised to see his S/S 2013 collection through Fashion East in the London Men's fashion week just 4 months after his graduate collection. I would just let Craig tell you about about him and his latest collection as the development of the graduate collection.

Could you introduce yourself?
I'm 25 I live in northwest london, I'm a menswear designer.

How was the study life in CSM? Is there any big difference between the BA and the MA course?
CSM was amazing, was there for 7years in total and its very strange to leave something that had such a huge amount of influence in your life. The BA was different to the MA just in the way that the BA was 4 years and we had a lot of time to develop and the MA was much more intense being only 18months. I wouldn't have changed my time at CSM at all, it was a very exciting and important period of my life so far.

How do you describe your design style? What inspire you most?
My work is always based on boyhood fantasy and adventure. With particular focus on materials - texture and fabrication technique. I also look a lot at D.I.Y, craft and folklore references.

As an emerging designer, how do you see the fashion industry today?
The fashion industry can be a very scary place, but its great that places like london are supporting young talent and allowing change and risk to happen. Without risks nothing will ever be pushed forward.

How did the collaboration with Fashion East happen?
I actually missed the deadline and applied 2 weeks late and I was fortunate enough to be offered the support. It is a great way to start my label and allows me to develop further as a designer.

Although you just launched the debut collection after the graduation, you got much experience in the industry. How do you feel about the difference between working with other brands (such as the Bally project) and designing your own collection?
I love working with other brand and I think its amazing to have the craftmenship and the facilities a company as large and established as bally. You would not normally have this level of quality craft when you start your own label. Bally were fantastic to work with and I was very happy with the result.

What next!? is there any new collaboration launching soon?
I'm working a new project at the end of the month which I can't really say about yet, but it should be very exciting and its envolving a large sportswear brand.

I love the colour tone and the materials of the collection most. I am always into calico and used it many times in my previous projects. They look cheap but are most interesting fabric. I can't believe I could see the whole collection made of it and some other materials in matching colour tone. The 15 items in the collection are very separate but cohere altogether. I love the raw finishing, cotton mix mohair knit, the suede and more and more. Someone told me the collection is like something wearing for funerals in China but We should break some rules and close out eyes to taboos when wearing fashion shouldn't we?

To know more about Craig, please visit his website

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