Sunday, 29 July 2012


I haven't updated my blog for a week but I am not being lazy at all! I am just working for a big feature for a HK magazine and the graduate special is coming out as well! Because of the Cosmopolitan, I just got a chance to interview the classical Italian designer, Romeo Gigli besides those 2 projects. I was born at the end of 80s in Hong Kong and my parents know nothing about art and fashion. So It's not very surprised that I didn't know who Mr Gigli is with my 5 years fashion age. I didn't even know he is the one who taught Alexander McQueen. Meeting Mr Gigli in person is a totally amazing experience!

Within the interview, Mr Gigli told me (and the other editors) many things about his life and point of view about fashion. I can't tell you much about the interview (you can read it soon in the Cosmopolitan HK) but I really like how he see designing clothes as self expression and how he loves the individuality of people. I totally agree he mentioned fashion is not just about clothes (he even doesn't like we call his pieces as garments) but about the attitude and the connection with the people. This is what I found out after moving to London and also the reason I wear new designer's clothes. The Joyce flagship store also exhibits some of the pieces from the archive. I was amazed by those outfit made of special materials and remember! they are all from the 80s and 90s but still looking cool now! My favourite piece is the grey ruffled dress with paper like material. Sorry if I make it wrong but I still have to find out what it is! 

To know more about the Joyce by Romeo Gigli collection please visit their website or their online store

And actually I did something really silly after the interview...asking Mr Gigli for an autograph. I wish one day when I am rich enough I can afford a Romeo Gigli piece since I really love his personality and passion of fashion. We need some romance for our boring fashion world filling with craps and meaningless designs.

(Special Thanks for my dear friend Cath for the opening photo!)


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