Saturday, 3 March 2012


I totally fell in love with this Jennifer Murray's graduate collection at the first sight. The pattern from embroideries, the layering, the embellishment on fur pieces and the collection idea all went deep into my heart. I've seen the real garment and I was amazed by the sophisticated finishing. If Jesus was a ringmaster in circus what would we be? Let Jennifer tell you about her version.

Tell us about your background, why did you apply LCF for a MA course?
I feel that London as a city is a really good place to develop and start out as an MA graduate, whether you’re looking at setting up your own label or building contacts within the industry. Choosing LCF for the MA was a natural step since the university is known for it’s strong Menswear course and I wanted to be a part of that.

How do you describe your own style? What is the must-have in your wardrobe?
Eclectic and ever-changing. Better not to have must have in fashion. It’s a never ending story!

How do you describe your fashion aesthetic?
Different is mostly good.

What is your opinion of being a successful fashion designer?
Very much depends on ones personal definition of successful.

Can you tell me more about your collection? Is there any difficulty during the design process?
It titles Cirque d’Amen and really it’s about reconsidering the Churches role in our society today.
I started drawing parallels between the Church and the Circus to exaggeratingly highlight my more critical point of view on the subject. The challenge was to portray a personal feeling in a valid collection of desirable clothes.
The collection proposes a strong, fresh taking on menswear. It’s about attitude and individualism, the ability to pull something off whilst still being yourself.

As a LCF graduate, do you have any advice for other fashion students?
Give it your all or nothing at all and try not to go insane along the way.

What is your next plan after graduate?
After going on a massively exotic ‘swimming with the dolphins’ kind of holiday I will be looking at finding my place within a design house, where I can work with a team and contribute to tomorrows Menswear.

To know more about Jennifer, please visit her website or her LCF page

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