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I always thank London for keep bringing me loads and loads of interesting designers to my life. As I said, I was at the LCF MA show and I really wanted to talked to the graduates this year to know more about the inspiration behind their collection. So "Talk to me" here I come again!! Arena Page is a womenswear designer from LCF and her unique pattern cutting kept reminding me my favourite paper craft stuffs.

Tell us about your background, why did you apply LCF for a MA course?
I was born in Russia and had great interest for fashion and making new garments for my dolls from a young age. I graduated with a 1st Class (Hons) Degree in Fashion Design from the University of Huddersfield, where I discovered my passion for pattern cutting. I applied to study an MA at LCF to further my skills as a creative pattern cutter.

How do you describe your own style? What is the must-have in your wardrobe?
My style is classic, feminine and sophisticated. I have a weakness for tailored jackets. You can't go wrong with a beautifully cut jacket/blazer.

How do you describe your fashion aesthetic?
I appreciate minimalism. Less is more.

What is your opinion of being a successful fashion designer?
I think to be a good designer, is to know the garment from inside out. Pattern cutting knowledge and construction is very important. A good designer doesn't just draw a pretty picture but thinks about the material, how its put together, inside finishings and all the little details that makes a designer garment, truly designer

Can you tell me more about your collection? Is there any difficulty during the design process?
My collection is inspired by the single sided surface (The Mobius Strip) through the study of Topology. Exploring the region between art and mathematics and finding beauty in geometry. I used computer technology for a new approach to design. Complex, minimal surfaces were generated using a 3D modelling computer program to which a ‘flattening’ process was applied. The flat 2D patterns transferred to paper and fabric for further manipulation and experimentation in relation to the body. This design process changes the design methodology; going from 3D surface to 2D and then back to 3D. The experimental process essentially designed the collection.

There are always difficulties to overcome starting from sourcing, design development and production. They don't stop coming until the very end and start all over again with each new project.

There are many emerging designers in the industry. Is there anyone that you really want to collaborate or work with?
I am planning to do a little project with Una Burke (MA graduate from LCF 2009).

As a LCF graduate, do you have any advice for other fashion students?
There is always alot to learn from experience. The only advise I can give is to be prepared to work hard, know your craft and believe in your principles.

What is your next plan after graduate?
The main goal is to find an exciting opportunity to work as a creative pattern cutter within a high end Fashion House.

Shoes design by Liz Ciokajlo
Catwalk photos by Christopher Moore
To know more about Arena, please visit her LCF page

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