Wednesday, 22 February 2012


I am very sorry for not updating recently because of my crazy workload during the London Fashion Week. I am glad that I found some interesting new name and will tell you guys soon. As I mentioned before, the T. lipop window is my favourite in this year's Bright Young Things project and I finally got a chance to meet the prop designer, Lou Blackshaw, who made the amazing paper animals in the window. She gave Selfridges' visitors a session for making paper shoes!

I was too lazy to join them so I sat down and watch how they cut the paper, stuck it on, cut an other one, defined the shape, cut the paper, stuck it on...... It sounds boring but they actually followed the actual process of making shoes so you have to cut the paper into different shapes just like cutting the leathers. Besides the demonstration Lou was making a new hiking boot for T. lipop F/W 2012. Lou didn't have enough time to finish the boot but I felt great to meet her in person.

The Bright Young Things project is finally finished after this workshop and I wish you love the windows. I actually joined the Alex Mattsson's session as well but there were just a few people joining the event. I hope Selfridges will try to promote the events more online and in store to let more people know what is going on. I look forward to the project coming back next year for knowing some new names again!

To know more about Lou Blackshaw, please follow her twitter
To know more about T.lipop, please visit his website

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