Saturday, 12 November 2011


I always love Diesel's window and they way they support art and culture. I loved to join all their events holding in their flagship store when I was still in Hong Kong. Their second line, 55DSL, also got this heritage for supporting sub-culture by the designs of the street fashion. 55DSL keeps the design element with graffiti, music and urban and starts a project called "Kinds in Italia" for exploring independent artists in Italy and see how they create street culture themselves.

The project starts with these two videos with Lele Saveri, an Italian photographer who contributes with Rolling Stone, NME and VICE magazine and two Milanese DJs, Giulia Centofante and Elisa Bee. 55DSL interviewed them about their background and how they started their career.

To know more about 55DSL and Kids In Italia, or read the interviews, please visit their webiste
You can also follow their facebook page to check the follow up of the project

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