Wednesday, 26 October 2011


I always love LN-CC and I shared my love to all my friends. I love them is not only because they stock the clothes of my favourite designers or their design is amazing. The most lovely part of them is they always bring new ideas and always search for different products to their customers. The first time I met these beaded skulls is few weeks ago when I went to LN-CC for giving my Chinese friends a small tour. Since I always love beading, those got impressed when I saw them (but I pretended I did feel interested). You can't believe all the skulls are all hand-bead and made in Mexico.

You may think they are a little scary but you will see how cool they are when you look at them in detail - The patterns, the balance and the composition. I am so glad that they are so popular and all gone after me seeing them. Because of the demand, LN-CC will launch the second set of this skull collection for those people who miss their first chance. They also built a page for you to sign-up and you will be the first one who get the information about the coming delivery.

To know more about LN-CC, please visit their website

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