Monday, 23 September 2013


As you know I am still on my holiday in Asia and I just came back from Shanghai last week. Visiting some of my favourite select stores, I also got a short period before brunch to visit a Dior exhibition which just launched in MOCA Shanghai. The exhibition covers illustrations to the classic couture pieces in 9 different themes, from the iconic design of Christian Dior to the John Galliano's decade and also the Raf simons' era. The only one thing that turned me off is Galliano's name has not been mentioned but the introduction kept showing too great regard to Simons' work. I couldn't really feel the esprit of Dior after the exhibition and I started thinking of the glamourous Dior pieces before 2012. (The biggest surprise of the whole exhibition is a perfume bottle in puppy shape!)

To know more about the exhibition, please visit their website 

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