Thursday, 28 March 2013


Phew! I was away for the whole week and just back from my 8 days trip to Antwerp (again), Rotterdam and Amsterdam. I was a bit tired of fashion after the recent LFW and just wanted to get away from the city and everything I was working on. I planed to go to visit the Keukenhof in Netherlands but It was too cold and windy there so I gave it up at the end. Finally I had a quite fashionable trip (as always). I noticed there was a Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition holding in Rotterdam in the Eurostar magazine when I was on my way to Antwerp. I didn't expect too much although I am quite into his Couture collections. However, the exhibition is the biggest surprise during my trip and the most impressive fashion exhibition I have ever seen.

The exhibition is about the 35 years career of Jean Paul Gaultier and for me the most annoying part of joining these kind of fashion exhibitions is the clothes are only worn by mannequins not real models - fixed and flat, no facial expression, no make-up. I think I shouldn't even ask for someone telling me what they are wearing and explain what they are doing here. I was shocked first I entered the main entry since I saw a group of models singing with the 2007 Couture collection, my always favourite. The way of the presentation of the clothes are just amazing and I believe everyone in the exhibition have the same experience - the clothes are alive (although the mannequins can only move their eyes and mouths). The second surprise I got was Jean Paul was standing there welcoming us and explaining what we would see in the following trip. 

I believe the craftsmanship and the details of the clothes are not the only elements which make the exhibition attractive. Yes I've seen the iconic Madonna's corsets but comparing to these, the interaction of the visitors and the models are the best experience for me. The goddesses were all singing and the model with cage corset was explaining how beautiful she was in 3 different languages and there was also a male model talking to the mirror reflection about how he wanted to express himself by wearing corset, feathers, couture and long train. 

I finally understand how much I love the creation in this fashion world after the whole exhibition and how much I want to see and explore more. And yea, I am back. 

To know more about the exhibition, please visit their website

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  1. This is a very old exhibition!!!! Last year in Madrid....


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