Friday, 1 February 2013


I totally understand there are people love checking London's window displays and this is the reason for me to build this blog 2 years ago. I spend time walking through the streets, taking photos, editing them, and finally uploading them here. I really appreciate that some of the regulars share and retweet my posts on their platforms and even tell their friends about me about what I did. Sadly I just spotted a Spanish facebook page uploaded my photos without any crediting and even listing my link on the photos. His argument is there is already a watermark of the photos so he doesn't have to credit me at all. I don't agree with it so I contacted the page founder.

I sent the owner an email to ask him removing the photos and share my post links instead since I don't feel comfortable with the way he did on his page and also recommended some other window bloggers to him just in case he doesn't agree what I said. What I got is a very rude reply.

Perhaps you would think I am very selfish or even childish but it takes times for working on this blog and I really hope people who are reading it  appreciate what I am doing and understand there is no free lunch in the world. When using online photos, not just saying thanks you photographer, but CREDIT THEM. Your readers have the right to know who did the work and it also shows your respect to the people who created the work.

Thank you very much!

Jason x


I am sure you would like to know how many account a person can have on facebook and how rude a professional gentleman can be. I have a very great lesson and thank you Mr Barron.

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