Wednesday, 26 September 2012


I always say if I was a girl, all I want to wear was Simone Rocha. Although I won't change my gender just for wearing womenswear (I still love being a boy, thanks), I did get some pieces from Simone from her previous collections. The unisex style and unique fabrication make Simone Rocha became my number one womenswear designer. Start following her since SS2011, I am very surprised to see how a designer can grow her brand globally in only 4 seasons. I am sure you will feel awkward if you don't know her name when mentioning London new designers.

I would say the SS2013 is the most feminine collection to Simone. The collection is full of A line shapes and see-through materials. Although the unisex suits are still there, most of the bottom parts are crinoline liked. Applying new materials like French embroidery, crochet and even plastic, I can really see Simone is trying to break the boundary of fabrication every season. Neutral colours are on the main colour palette again but we do see some new members like cream, cappuccino brown, gold and surely some accent colours like neon green and and pink for her accessories. The leather pieces are not really my things but I am very into those lace daisy pieces. They look very old fashioned like my grandma's clothes but actually I can imagine one of my classmates wearing them with a pair of high-heels walking into the library. Simone's accessories are always my favourite in her collection and I was surprised she got some great ones in SS2013 too. The iconic brogues with clear sole are too popular and there is a new version again (but I still couldn't wear them since they are too small!). What I love are the hairband and the picnic box bags in perspex. I think the hairband will be a reason for me to keep my long hair until the coming season and I just love the perspex bag in green although I know it's not too practical for daily life.

This black suit is my favourite look but I still don't know what material is it. Those shinny little things with see-through effect will just make some men like me keep their eyes on it for ages!

I believe I will still try my better to grab some pieces from Simone although I understand I will never fit in her feminine design. I haven't had a show that I so want to watch for very long beside J.W. Anderson's and I kept compelling their PR to send me an invitation of the show. I am very excited for SS2013 now. Please could someone get me the box bag?

To know more about Simone or to view the full collection, please visit her website

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