Monday, 17 September 2012


I love colours and I love patterns more. 2012 is the 20 years of Eley Kishimoto(EK) with their patterned life. I got a chance to explore their pattern world during the busy fashion week yesterday and it is the best presentation so far in the first two days. The installation design is just like a maze and visitors could find out more about the EK brand by themselves. There are totally 6 rooms and I got loads of surprise during the journey. 

As many exhibitions, you have to stoop to enter to start your journey. the first room got 10 patterned gnomes saying hello to the visitors and you will see a wall of patterned ceramics after that. The ceramic collection is actually a collaboration with Narumi, a bone china brand since 1946. They transfered 5 prints from FW2012 collection and picked some archives and applied to the ceramics. I think they will be great displays with cupcakes beside hanging on the wall.

The following room is my faourite - The Clarks collection! We all know Clarks' shoes are well made but I always thought they are only practical and don't work in edgy style. I was super surprised when I saw this collection with the iconic EK flash print on the Clarks classic desert boot. There are 2 other women's style but I would say the desert boot work the best in the EK prints! I WANT THEM!

The EK SS2013 clothing collection isn't that strong comparing to other pieces in the presentation. However it would be a great chance to own a piece of their pattern if you are not into any objects. I would say the room for Moorcroft pottery collaboration is an other high light of the presentation. The EK patterns hide in the classical looked vases. I love this collection since you can see the texture of each line on the vase and the mixture of the modern EK prints and the antique Moorcroft's design is so harmonious.

Finally I found these 2 rugs at the entry of the presentation. Please....Can I have one in my tiny room? (Happy anniversary to Eley Kishimoto BTW!)

To know more about Eley Kishimoto, please visit their website

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