Friday, 13 July 2012


Colours, prints and patterns are what I am always keen on in fashion. I am sure you knew lit through my outfits and the designers I picked. The current London Mens fashion week just brought me so much excitement with many new names, and the I would give the best pattern award to Kit Neale. I didn't know him but I had seen his lobster pattern online before the presentation. I thought it's only a gimmick for the preview. I was shocked when I saw the full collection with the patterns with sea creatures and woodblock. I told myself I have to know more about Kit and his creations and I thank him to make it come true!

Could you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your background?
Im a London-born designer working in the field of fashion, specialising in printed menswear. I’ve worked under Gareth Pugh, Duckie Brown and Wonderland magazine for many years before setting up my self titled label earlier this year.

How do you describe your design style? What inspire you most?
Printed menswear is our signature. Cultures inspires me most.

As an emerging designer, how do you see the fashion industry today?
It’s a bloody tough game but thrilling to be a part off.

I can see printing is one of the main elements of your collections, could you tell us why you chose prints and how would you like to develop it in the future?
Print is an exciting field to specialise in. There are new technologies and techniques to be explored. Print also gives your brand instant recognition. For me personally I struggled in the early days choosing from the endless woven fabric choices. Creating a garment from a blank canvas was much more exciting for me.

Could you tell us more about the S/S 2013 collection?
The SS13 collection started with a nostalgic view on my Britain. The quirky and deprived sea-side towns we used to spend our summer holidays at when I was a kid, among other references. In a year of such heightened interest on Britain due to the Diamond Juberlee and Olympics I felt a need to express a different side to Britain. We’re such a rich multicultural society, steeped in history that seems transparent in the hype surrounding the games.

How did the collaboration with Fashion East happen? What is the inspiration behind the installation?
Fashion East is an incredible launching platform for young designers and brands to launch themselves. We’re given a space to run a mock with very few limitations. There’s a small cashpot for sponsorship, which doesn’t go far but is vital support. This season Lulu and her team invited 10 designers to raid a beautiful mansion on the crown estate. We thought what better than fill it with a giant 60ft long neon-green snake with models perched on him. He was called Sidney.

What do you wear in your daily life? Do you make your own clothes?
I dress incredibly shabby most days and when I can’t afford to buy nice clothes for myself I hit up past seasons.

Is there a dream stockist in your mind? Why?
I think I have one in every city! It’s the first thing I do when travelling; explore a concept or department store in that city. In London we are spoilt. Each store has a different personality. I think we designers dream to be in them all one day!

I love all the lobster printed pieces and I would love to wear the the suit but actually my favourite piece is the lobster printed shirt with striped sleeves on Kit himself in the presentation. I love the combination of the orange, blue and white. Personal order PLEASE!!

To know more about Kit, please visit his website

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