Saturday, 7 July 2012


As I said, I am in Hong Kong now. But I had a very nice weekend last week before coming back in Leeds with sun shine and nice hotel (and super strong wind). It was a random opportunity for visiting Leeds and I found the main streets are very similar to London. I was bored walking through an area selling high street labels but just spotted a very cute store with the bright pink entry and loads of baby dolls in the window. I first thought of babies wear or babies products but actually they are selling the babies. Come closer and you may be surprised what they do!

Mary told me their business was built by her family from York making dolls since 1977. It produced only antique dolls in York but after Mary runs the business they start launching the more 'commercial' baby and children dolls. Each of the doll got his/her own name and they are all hand made by the Mary Shortle team. I love they capture the babies' different expressions and make them in a really realistic way. You will see hundreds of dolls with different facial expression in the store and I am sure you will be amazed while being in it.

As a male, I love the miniature collection more than the babies. I love all the tiny furniture and even the accessories like tea cups and mirror! You can build your dream house with them and hire a house keeper before you get the real one.

Being in the store is like going back to my childhood with my younger sister. She owned so many barbie dolls and hairless babies when she was a child (and most of the dolls kept being fed and dressed up). It's one of the highlight of my Leeds trip and I hope you will get back your childhood memory when you visit them!

Mary Shortle : 9,17 Queens Arcade, Leeds LS1 6LF

To know more about Mary or to order the dolls, please visit their website

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