Thursday, 7 June 2012


I've written about the World's End before when I just started running this blog. It has just finished the refurbishment and having an air-conditioner now! As the first store of Vivienne Westwood, I would say it's a real treasure for all the Vivienne's fans and some punk kids. Last time I just wrote about how to go there and introduced the sexy store manager, Lisa. I know it's probably not enough to be a guide. I got a chance to work with a big publication this time and finally get a chance to do a more detail introduction of the store. Come with me and I will be your pirate guide!

The relationship between Vivienne and King's Road 430 is more than 40 years now. It starts with the name Let It Rock and finally be renamed to the World's End in 1981 with the iconic Pirate collection. Don't ask me about the changes since 1982 because I am only a regular since 2010. The store concept is probably a sinking boat since you will see the floor is not equal to the horizon.

Besides the main collection , Gold Label, Man label and some pieces from the Anglomania label, You could find so many exclusive products here from the Vivienne's archive. The classic pirate squiggle t-shirt, Mountain Hats from 1982, The Rocking Horse shoes from 1986, the Clint Eastwood jacket and more and more and more.... Ah! Did I mention the pirate boots? They are one of the most wanted items for all Vivienne's fans and World's End go the full range including special edition!

Vivienne wants everyone who pops down to the store get something they really like so you can find the classic corset cocktail dress which is less than £600, £90 children sweaters, £35 t-shirts, £15 badge set and even a £5 pin! I will check if there is anything fun in the treasure trunk as well when I visit the store. Lisa will hide some sample there sometimes.

To know more about World's End, please visit their blog

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