Wednesday, 23 May 2012


After visiting the new Dover Street store and having a small interview with the store owner. I am very interested in the Notting Hill store of Wolf and Badger(They call it The Lab) and their designers. There are new name coming in this new designers' platform every 3 months. I went to the store again after their new designers launching party last week and found some brands which I've never seen in the shop. Come with me and I will show you a bit of what I discovered.

Although being in the same company, the store design of the Lab is quite different from the Dover Street store. The designers are more separate because of the 'serviced retail' concept. It is actually an idea of hiring out store space for new designers to gain their sale and exposure. Designers get their own freedom for set-up and launching products. I am more into the jewellery designers in the Lab and checking all the designers they carry is a very hard job! (They stock more than 70 designers in store and online now!) You know I always talk about my love every time I visit a store and here are some of them :

xxmiles's pieces are hand-made jewellery which combine vintage silver pieces and give them a reborn. I do love the idea of using coins as a part of the design (I made something similar when i was in Hong Kong but not as professional as them.)

Eleftheria Lamprou gave me a childhood fantasy with her playful creation. I love this bear (or is it a badger?) chain is one of my favourite in the collection. 

I love Una Burke since her graduate collection but didn't know there was an actual selling her stuffs. Her leather accessories are very famous now. The Egypt inspired S/S 2012 collection is looking good there! I especially love the heart shape clutch and the leather cuffs!

The Pyrrha's wax seal inspired jewellery and Smith/Grey's sculptural pieces both impressed me with their carrying messages and unique shape.

For men, I will recommend the straw hats from Anthony Peto and swim shorts from the Love Brand

My favourite in store are M-A-R-K-I-N's stationery fine jewellery collection and Makiko Nakamura's ceramic. The contrast of rare materials and ordinary idea always draws my attention. I wish I could write with the pencil earrings. Makiko's pieces are just some precise art pieces. The chrysanthemum on the teapot looks it's alive.


Phew! I hope I didn't make any selling mistakes of the brand names. Visiting the Lab is like having a lesson about new designers. If you like unique jewellery, I will definitely suggest you go there and have a look! You will find more than I found. (probably with some clothing clothing collection as well!)

The Lab address: 46 Ledbury Road, Notting Hill, London W11 2AB
To know more about Wolf and Badger, please visit their website


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