Wednesday, 2 May 2012


I don't think I should title myself as a Gard Card number 1 fan but I do follow his blog and always keep my eyes on his new creation. As all my friends know I like his work, I've just been told there is a portrait exhibition holding in the store of David David, a London based artist and designer. I like David David's pieces and I wanted to get the Fred Perry collaboration so so so much when I was 18. I couldn't afford it and I kept visit Lane Crawford for touching them. Visiting their actual store made me feeling much better now since there are loads of pieces with the classic cube patterns that I really like. Gary's exhibition is at the gallery space when is on the lower ground floor.

The exhibition is exactly as the name, 13 Portraits. Clean light, simple set-up, great work. DONE! I love colours of the portraits but they look quite different from Gary's previous work. They are more realistic than those cute illustrations that Gary did. I took a closer shots for my favourites. Loving the bright eyes! Just pop-in and have a break if you go shopping around Covent Garden before 10/5!!

To visit the exhibition, please check the detail above.
To know more about Gary, please visit his blog

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