Friday, 13 April 2012


I really can't remember how did I meet Robert Wun, a London College of Fashion final year student. We got some common friends and we became facebook "friends" for ages (since 2009 I think) but the first time I met him was on my way to class in Holborn. I am always amazed to see his garments and illustrations as well as the photos he styles. I think the reason his work drives me crazy is the craftsmanship and the way he transfers silly idea to amazing pieces. I invited him to share a bit about himself few months ago for a website but it was published. However, you guys get an opportunity to be the first ones to explore this talented designer's work!

How do you describe your design style?
A minimalist who believe in regenerating beautiful things, inimitably.

Where does your inspiration usually come from?
Everything in Nature inspires me. Which also fixated with the contrast idea of artificial and organic world. Religious epitomize it perfectly.

What do you feel about your London life?
Dreadful and delighting at the same time. With all those competitions and opportunities which this city provides. Eager to explore more and hoping to get, to learn and to earn the best out of it.

Why LCF?
It is definitely a place to make you a proficient to this industry, sophisticated platform for you to showcase your works. I always believe in one self instead of mattering in where u studied or graduated. If you are capable you will get to succeed no matter where.

How do you see the difference of the fashion industry between Asian and European market? 
Not much besides the recognition ability to new designers and innovative ideas. The European market is always more open minded to fresh blood from the fashion industry. Where the best new things can always be more accessible to the public.

How do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Continue moving forward to achieve a better self-standard. Either experiencing in individual design houses or running on my own collection.

Sell yourself!
More than realistic, better than superior. Simply, Be inspiring.

To know more about Robert and check his other work, please visit his tumblr

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