Sunday, 8 April 2012


One of my goals when I first built this blog in 2010 is talking to the team behind all those incredible window displays. After two years capturing as many as windows I can, I finally got my first chance to meet the VM team of one of the leading stores in London, LIBERTY. I am not going to introduce Liberty as I am sure their great brand selections and iconic prints are always in your mind. What impressed me at the first time I visit the store was the store interior, the wooden floor, the sound when walking and the windows. Their  surrealism window in 2010 is always my favourite. I feel very pleasure to invite Elizabeth Rodrigues, the leader of the Liberty VM team to have a short conversation about their creation.

The latest windows is a collaboration with the V&A British Design: 1948-2012 exhibition. The window starts with the photos of Liberty advertisement from the archive in 1953, 1955 1960's and 1973. The team selected some similar items in the current furniture collection to recreate the same mood from the past. The furniture fabrics are another key point to look at. I am in love with their garment fabrics and I think I will be in love with those furniture fabrics after these windows.

The Liberty team plans the next year VM calendar around Christmas by dividing the year into different themes - new season, fashion, home, collaboration, sale and Christmas. The team got very much freedom for picking products to display. As you know, they always want to make some humours through the window and that's why we always see some funny details in the Liberty windows.

Elizabeth also told me what is happening next! A Dr Martens Collaboration! I really look forward to the windows which is going to collocate with some accessories.

I can't imagine everything is done by a 5 people team with Elizabeth as a leader. Maybe one day I will have a chance to visit them when they are brainstorming for the coming window to see their mood boards and mind maps? Say hello to them when you see them changing the mannequins' outfit during your visit next time ;)

Special thank Chloe Weguelin and Kang Chuan Yu

To view all the Liberty windows on my blog, please click here

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