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I've met May Tang few times because of our common friend, Kay Kwok. I knew she studied in LCF but didn't know what she majors. I still remember my favourite women's collection in the press show was a lace collection inspired by spinal diseases. Those tailored laces, sharp cuts, unisex shoes and head pieces inspired me a lot! I finally found out it's May's collection when I checked the designer information. I think I shouldn't say too much about a friend's collection so just let herself tell you what she developed in this 15 months.

Tell us about your background, why did you apply LCF for a MA course?
I am a Hong Kong fashion designer. After finished my BA degree in Hong Kong Polytechnic University, I came over to study MA in LCF.
It was a coincidence to study in LCF. Before graduated from my BA, I was quite confused about my career. I was reluctant to monotonous work in office. At the same time, I received an email from the uni office about LCF student recruitment held in Hong Kong. I tried to apply and got an offer after the interview. At the end, I decided to go for this MA course, not only for learning more from the course, but also to experience the fashion culture and ambiance in London and Europe. In real, I could say the MA level was much different from what I learnt in BA. The peer influences worked importantly as my classmates were having good standard. We improved through assessing each other. The internationality in London is also very inspiring. Here gathers fashion people around the world, designers, stylists, photographers and so on, which opens up so many opportunities. This makes the time here so exciting and enjoyable here!

How do you describe your own style? What is the must-have in your wardrobe?
I would say my style is kinda easy and relaxed. This is very important for my work nature.
There are many tight-pants in my wardrobe. I don’t know why, but they’re quite handy for mix & match. I am also interested in collecting clothes or accessories of special fabrics. Somehow these are useful and easy for lightening a dull plain look.

How do you describe your fashion aesthetic?
I am quite keen on subtle beauty. I like little details and fine workmanships. In my own work I tend to create a stronger image on womenswear. I would prefer women to look cool than pretty in my clothes. This is why my collection has many masculine shape and block shoes with low heels or flat. Even I used laces, they do not appear very feminine.

What is your opinion of being a successful fashion designer?
There are many definitions for being “successful”. This depends very much what you aim at. Some would like to have their own brands, others may want to work for other brands or just being a freelance designer working for individual clients. When you’ve achieved your aim, and you feel satisfied and enjoyable, you’re successful.

Can you tell me more about your collection? Is there any difficulty during the design process?
‘Writhe in parade’ is the title of my collection. Everything started from congenital spinal diseases which are mostly found in babies or young kids. It is so pity to see the images throughout the research. Yet the constructional defects inspired me with shifting the structure of basic pattern cutting, which produces unexpected and interesting outcomes on the garments. The organic nature of the topic was developed into the design of laces with plastic yarns. This is a combination of organic patterns with synthetic materials, inspired by the treatment of the diseases by braces. With the matching-up lace shoes and hats, the final looks are quite tough with less femininity. The vintage-like fabrications crash into the modern cuts.
There were quite a lot of changes in the project development to modify the whole line-up. This limited the time for garment production. Especially the laces needed to be made from zero and I also have my shoe, bag and hat production. The time management made the most difficult part of the whole project.

There are many emerging designers in the industry. Is there anyone that you really want to collaborate or work with?
 I haven't thought of any specific ones, but I would like to further develop on the lace. It would be great if I can work with some textile designers or graphic designers. I believe there would be fun and result in something interesting!

As a LCF graduate, do you have any advice for other fashion students?
From this MA course, I learned much about research of a project. Idea development processes did great influences. Marketability is crucial as well. Though the projects are our own work, there is a need to strike a balance between creativity and marketability, which helps build up a mind for future career.

What is your next plan after graduate?
I would stay in London for a while first to look for any job opportunities. I think at the moment I need some working experiences to enrich my practical knowledge in the industry. I would also like to travel around Europe. I need this as redemption for my hard work in the past 15 months. Lol


To know more about May, please visit her LCF page

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