Wednesday, 4 April 2012


I think everyone in London did some hunting in the previous 2 months. The Big Egg Hunt event become to the final part and all the big eggs have moved to Covent Garden for an Eggstravaganza! I found my favourite Gary Card's Sad Happy Frog Egg again and below are the rest of the amazing big eggs.

The big eggs have occupied a huge part of Covent Garden. Loads of parents and kids with a i-spy eggs handbook kept searching for every eggs around them which made the area so funny. I started my own big egg hunt with my camera as well! The Wally egg is the most popular one and you can see some designers' big egg such as Mulberry, Mary Katrantzou and Tommy Hilfiger, some funny big eggs like big egg with tons of chickens, big egg on fire, map egg, post box egg and more and more! I can't tell you more and you have to hunt them yourself!

The most popular Wally egg!

For the full big egg list, please visit the big egg hunt website

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