Saturday, 31 March 2012


Because of more and more people asking me about the illustrator of my avatar, I think it's time to introduce him to my reader here. Alexander Wong was my classmate when I was doing my branding course in Hong Kong and we always saw each other as a competitor in school projects. He also call himself Steplex which states his aesthetic - step less, creating without any steps. He was a teacher of a children's drawing class and I think he is still doing it. I like his illustrations since I saw his work in the first project in year 1 and he started drawing my avatar every season after sending a black&white "me" as a graduation gift to me. Besides dressing "me" up every season, He got an album about super heroes.

I don't know if he regrets at making the first one to me because I have to have a new one every season. My favourite is the one with the Nicomede Talavera outfit but I am sure he likes the JWA one more. He also brought some of our friends to the cartoon world. They are the best present for me since they are priceless! below are his drawings for our other friends.

I think one day we can have a paper doll collection of all our friends with our favourite clothes and accessories. (it probably takes forever to draw all the clothes I want to feature.) Can I become a super hero next time? lol

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