Wednesday, 1 February 2012


I would like to thank my friend from LCF who send me the invitation for sharing the joy with me. My favourite part of the exhibition so far is the fashion artefact and the footwear design. Here are three of the graduates who impressed me most - Ana Rajcevic, Cat Potter and Cheery Yuen. I am going to make a graduate special again so I will leave the detail introduction for later.

Ana Rajcevic is not just a MA graduate but also a fashion designer and an artist who does sculptures. When I saw those piece I thought of sea creatures and the pieces were like attached on the body which made them stand out in the exhibition.

Milled wood for shoes? I've never thought about it but Cat Potter made it real.

I haven't asked Cheery about her design concept but I fell in love with those folded parts on the shoes of her collection. 

The exhibition is ready for the public from tomorrow to Friday. Don't miss out this chance to check these pieces out!! They are also showcasing work from Costume Design for Performance, Digital Fashion,  Fashion Media Production, Fashion Photography and more!

You can also check all the work online through the showtime website.

Exhibition Address: Victoria House Basement, Bloomsbury Square, London WC1B 4DA
Opening time: 12pm - 7pm

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  1. Wow, this exhibition looks fantastic. All the stuff is quite unique and attractive. Looking forward to more such posts. Anyways, I am also going to attend annual craft expo at the local event venue and some of my friends will also be joining me.


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