Tuesday, 7 February 2012


After sharing my love through my blog, twitter, facebook and weibo, I am sure you all are familiar with LN-CC or at least heard of their name. They just get involved with the Designs of The Year award from Design Museum as a nomination. I was at the preview event today for visiting the installation they build for the exhibition. The award select the innovative designs across 7 categories including architecture, digital, fashion, furniture, graphics, product and transport. Let me just be a small guide for LN-CC installation and other nominations of the fashion categories. I am sure you will like them.

The tunnel which links different rooms is most iconic part of LN-CC and the store designer Gary Card just built a small version of the tunnel for the exhibition! If you've been to the store, you must have a great experience in the tunnel and I felt some oppression in this small version. It draws you start looking  up and you will see their name "LN-CC" in one of the frames. The video is a tour for exploring the store as well.

 It was really great to meet Gary again since I am his follower for a very long time! HE ROCKS!

Beside my favourite LN-CC, My dear Vivienne's Ethical project also get involved in the award and they display the latest range of the Africa bag collection. I still remember the Christopher, marketing director of Vivienne Westwood, mentions it's not a charity project but a work. I thought it was only an one of collection but I am amazed to see this collection in every Gold Label show now.

Here are the other nominations:

New York designer Suno S/S 2011 collection and Issey Miyake Origami pieces from Miyake Studio

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

Mary Katrantzou A/W 2011 collection

Melissa + Gaetano Pesce Boot and Flip Flop

The nominations also include The Duchess of Cambridge's Wedding Dress, the Celine A/W 2011 collection, The Gareth Pugh S/S 2012 film and the Oratory Jacket by Brompton Bicycle.

The exhibition is open to public from tomorrow to 15/7 and the award announcement will be at 24/4. Beside the Fashion part you also have a chance to get a look of the London 2012 Olympic torch and great design from all over the world.

Design Museum address: Shad Thames, London SE1 2YD
Exhibition opening time: 10:00am - 5:45pm

(Photos by my lovely Jiro H)

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