Saturday, 17 December 2011


I think my story with Shelf is from October 2010. I just moved to London and I visited Brick Lane every weekend because I lived very close to it. They orange entry just catch my eyes and I really love their selection of greeting cards. I keep writing my Chinese blog under the topic, "Getting lost in London" and Shelf was one of them when I first started writing (click here to see the post if you want to). They finally ran online only in March which made me very sad. However they are BACK for Christmas!! I can't tell how excited I am when I got this news!

Shelf actually launched in 2001 by Katy Hackney and Jane Petrie for sharing their illustrations, prints, patterns and love. For me they were a small world of artistic and hand-made stuffs. The pop-up store sells all the classic products they have and also some Christmas suggestions. My favourite part in store is their "Pick Your Own Words" session. The letters are ones of their iconic products.

Those hand-made lions are their signature as well. I feel great to see them again!!

Besides those classic products there are also some wooden toys, blankets.... for Christmas gift idea. I am sure you know what Christmas idea means. I found something new and amazing with this visit. These animal heads are like Shelf had a great hunting trip before the pop-up store opening. I thought they were wood sculptures but actually they are paper mache by a UK based illustrator, Emily Warren.

It was great to meet one of my favourite stores in London again and please go and visit them if you have time at 22/12, 23/12 or tomorrow!

To know more about Shelf or shop their products, please visit their website

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