Sunday, 13 November 2011


I don’t know what will you think of when I mention fine jewellery going raw. I don’t like accessories being very well finished so I always make my own. Imogen Belfield amazed me with her nature like jewellery label. I was doing online shopping when I first time met them. Getting inspiration from architecture and nature environment, Imogen’s creation combines porcelain, bronze, steel and silver. Beside the contrast between precision and primal, my favourite of Imogen’s work is they always go with a movement. Some of the jewellery even look like alive and growing and bubbling constantly.


I am really into Imogen's rings since I don't usually wear necklaces and bracelets. Those bold, irregular edges give a statement to simple daily looks and they are also a great contrast with grand looks.

Imogen’s S/S 2012 collection is about different rock formation and planets. The collection continues exploring the relationship of different materials, colours and texture. I love the necklace with sophisticated pearls and undeveloped gold and the exploding ring very much. I also appreciate that every piece from Imogen is hand-made so they are not really the same. The uniqueness is not only about the design but also about the connection between Imogen, her jewelley and her customers.

To know more about Imogen, please visit her website

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