Monday, 14 November 2011


F-Troupe is one of my favourite shoes store in London. They are the first store I contacted for store reports of the Hong Kong magazine I work for. Their store always bring me back to the Victoria era and this is what makes the store so special. F-Troupe is a London based shoes brand launching on 2003. They are an international brand now and I saw them in Lane Crawford Hong Kong before. Their flagship store just opened in September 2010 in Soho for the full range of the collection.

The F-Troupe store is actually at a lane behind the Carnaby Street. The location and the store designs just take me to the time machine for going back to old London in the Victoria era. The carboys with colourful water, the taxidermy cat, the vintage hat stand and the old circus pictures just give you the mood. Their shoes are not fashion forward but well made with unique style. I would say if you want to buy a special affordable shoes, you should go to their store to have a look! There are an limited collection named " MADE IN ENGLAND" selling exclusively in the flagship store and the collection is made in Northampton.

Their S/S 2012 collection keeps the classic mood of the brand there are more colour choices of each style. The inspiration is from the Suffragette movement. The shoes took that strong, free thinking element of that period and apply them into a new way. My favourite are those brogues with the cut out details. Maybe you should pick the one with animal prints?

I picked these 2 style in the men line to show since they are my favourite!! My weakness of fashion is colour combination. I always buy new stuffs only because of the unexpected colours. A normal boot with a shinny sole will be so perfect for summer when you go to the park. The black one with the turquoise sole is my must-have for the coming season. The brogue style is great for all those formal business men. We all need some excitement for life don't we?

To know more about F-Troupe, please visit their website

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