Sunday, 11 September 2011


I don't like fashion when it's too serious so my closet is full of colourful clothes. CSM graduate Manami Sakurai seems to have the same view of fashion. Not making clothes for business, Manami would like to share love and peace by her designs. She said her aim is bringing  smile and happiness to people. Her graduation collection is full of smile face, cute colours and love messages with clean and over-sized silhouette. Manami just rocks the colour combination which makes me love the collection very very very much!! We all need love!! Let's love and let love.

As a new member in the industry, what do you think about the fashion world?
Too fast, making a collection twice a year is already hard work. I don't understand how people can create a design in store in 2 weeks. I think this too fast fashion wont last, I hope.

How do you describe your style?
Fun, quirky and colorful. I like the garment to be big and lose.

What is your opinion of being a successful fashion designer?
I don't know yet . Only I know is that branding is the important things for success.

Who is your favourite designer? Does he/she inspire you when you do your own designs?
Bernhard Willhelm, Pierre Cardin and Issey Miyake. They inspire me in many different ways.

Can you tell me more about the collection? Which is the iconic piece in the collection and which one is your favourite?
My collection is my message of ' peace' inspired by Yoko Ono and John Lennon's 'Bed-in' all my garments aim to make people smile.
My favorite garment is the yellow flower dress with girls face on the bottom, red flower embroidery on shoulder and ' I am a dreamer' on back of the dress!

There are many new and up-coming designers in the industry. Is there anyone that you really admire?
Yang Du, I don't know her personally but she is amazing.

As a CSM graduate, do you have any advice for other fashion students?
I think you just need to enjoy and believe in your creativity. I don't like fashion to be so serious!

What is your next plan now? Are you building your own label?
I am working as a freelance at the moment. I am planning to start my own label soon.

Manami's collection was displayed in the window of Biddle Sawer Silks which is the sponsor for her collection.

To know more about Manami, please visit her website

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