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Loving LN-CC is not only because the brands they carry but also their people and their atmosphere. You never get bored every time you visit them. They are currently having a new installation in store for a collaboration of 2 brands, SASQUATCHfabrix and The Inoue Brothers. It's my pleasure to get a chance to interview with the directors of 2 brands and let them share the background of the collaboration and the installation.

How did SASQUATCHfabrix (SFX) meet The Inoue Brothers (TIB) ?
Back in 2009, when Sasquatch Fabrix came to London on a research trip a mutual Senpai (Senior person in Japanese culture) introduced us. At the time SFX was emerging strongly on the Tokyo and Japanese fashion scene and The Inoue Brothers in Europe and Japan. At the time not many new brands were making a lot of significant impact in the fashion world as the recession was getting worse and business was difficult. SFX' super pulsating Tokyo style and our uncompromising ethical approach was a fascination and this mutual progression and rhythm of our two brands created interest and respect for each other. More importantly we both felt a great sense of joy of finding likeminded progressive friends, who to share ideas and ideals with.

What is the installation about? Why do you name it as 'Modern Ninja And The Black Fist'?
The name of the installation was chosen to reflect 'Modern Ninja' (sasquatch's new collection title) and 'Black Fist' (TIB logo) hence the title, which then becomes obvious.

What do you think about LN-CC? Why do you choose LN-CC as the installation venue?
Initially when we started revealing we were doing a collaboration, we were very conscious it was going to be represented strongly. Therefore we only approached very few accounts, 3 to be exact, and through dialogue with LN-CC we decided to make the collection exclusive to LN-CC in The West. When then asked to do an installation by LN-CC we jumped at the opportunity to create a setting and ideal situation of having the brands and collaboration collection represented as we wanted it to be showcased. However, as mentioned in the first question both SFX and TIB are really happy to have found another group of creatives who to share ideas, ideals and our future with.

Is there any difficulty while setting up the installation?
YES! Time never seems to be on our side!

Could you tell me more about the products of the collaboration? What is the most special part of it and why choosing Royal alpaca as the material?
The most special part of the collection is the friendship, which has been forged through doing this project including the major installation in conjunction with LN-CC.
For the canvas/body we chose to use the best Andean Alpaca fibre available; 100% Royal alpaca. Shapes were created, which were versatile with plenty of surfaces for SFX to use literally as canvasses for their much recognisable graphics and decorative customisation.

What is the next of SASQUATCHfabrix and The Inoue Brothers?
A next collaboration has already been made for TIB's new Spring Summer collection, produced in the region of Tohoku, which was hit by the devastating Tsunami in February earlier this year. The collection is a T-shirt only range and Sasquatch Fabrix has designed two styles for the range

Photos by Rory van Millingen

The collection is selling in store now. Send them an email to make an appointment for a new experience in LN-CC and do check the products as well!! I do love the orange cardigan. Don't worry if you are out of London, I am sure they will launch the collection online very soon :)

To know more about the installation, the collection and LN-CC, please visit their website

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