Saturday, 7 May 2011


At the beginning, I felt really bad when I knew Alexander McQueen is having an exhibition in New York but not in London.
After I checked the information of the exhibition and watch the video I felt really upset that I can't fly to New York to feel the experience.
When I saw the latest Harvey Nichols' windows, I don't feel that bad!
The windows show many McQueen's iconic pieces from different collection such as "The girl who lived in the tree( F/W 2008)", "It's only a game (S/S 2005)", "The horn of Plenty(F/W 2009)" and the McQueen's final collection "Plato's Atlantis(S/S 2010)".
My favourite piece is the dress from "No 13 (S/S 1999)" which looks like a folding fan.

Please go to Harvey Nichols to check these amazing pieces from Alexander McQueen if you are in London now!!!

If you are in New York, go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to visit the McQueen's exhibition!!
For more details of the exhibition please check their website.
There are loads of information and photos of the exhibits.

I know you will love this video as well.
It's a tour guide of the exhibition.

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