Sunday, 29 May 2011


I've just got a Vivienne Westwood sample from World's End few weeks ago.
I don't really like beige personally so I decided to dye it in black when I bought it.
Since many of my friends keep asking my how can I do it, I just share all the process here.
You can try it with your old clothes, scarves or even t-shirts.
I am demonstrating a 2 colours tie-dye this time.
I hope you enjoy it :)

Materials you need:
1. The thing you want to dye
2. Fabric dye (You can get them from Paperchase or other big Stationery stores) and 250g salt
3. Scissors
4. Strings
5. Some containers (unused boxes is also alright)
6. Some chopsticks (You can use other stick as a replacement, Chinese got loads of chopsticks at home lol)
7. A pair of rubber gloves

**What I got is Dylon Fabric dye, which is only suitable for natural fabric.
So please check the care label before you buy you stuffs.
You will get the best result with 100% cotton/linen(or maybe silk) garments.

Step 1:
Make your garment wet 

Step 2:
Dessolve dye in 500ml warm water
Fill pot with around 6L warm water ( You can use less water if you just got a small pot)
Stir in 250g salt and add the dye and stir it again
turn your stove on (just make sure the water are still warm in the following hour)
And you are ready to dye

Step 3:
Put your garment in the dye and stir for 20 minutes 

Step 4:
Rinse the garment in cold water. 

 Step 5:
Tie the garment irregularly

Repeat Step 2,3,4 for an other colour

Wash it in warm water after you rinse it and dry it from sunlight.

 The jacket became dark green with orange details finally.
I dyed my old H&M shorts as well. :P

Do it yourself and show me your piece!

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