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After the Asher interview, it's time to ask my favourite innovative designer, Jonathan William Anderson(J.W. Anderson) to tell me a bit about him. I admit I am very late to say I love his clothes at this moment but he is just an amazing person. I know him and his brand after I move to London and totally fell in love with it. I love his pattern and the way he dresses women manly.

I think the most interesting part of Jonathan's career is he wanted to be an actor at the very beginning. He fell in love with the costumes and went to London College of Fashion to study menswear design afterward. He established his business really fast after his graduation. He has his own label in menswear and womenswear. He is also the creative director of a Birtish brand, Sunspel. He does a small collection for Topman as well!

How do you describe the style of your brand?
Large scale patchworking of textures and subcultures

Where does your inspiration usually come from?
I get inspiration from all angles, whether that be things i see, people i know. Inspiration can really come from anywhere.

Are there any key piece in your F/W collection?
I think the key autumn winter piece for me is the adapted sweater around the waist, a new take on the late 90's trend.

How did the collaboration with Sunspel happen? Can you tell me a bit about the F/W collection you design for Sunspel?
I originally approached Sunspel in regards to a collaboration between our labels, from there it naturally evolved into what it has become today.

Who is your favourite designer? Does he/she inspire you?
One of my favourite designers is Miuccia Prada, I believe she is an inspiration to everyone.

How do you feel the fashion industry today?
I think todays fashion industry is at a tipping point.

Is there any difficulty when you run your brand?
I think the sheer volume of work is probably the biggest difficulty for us right now.

Do you have any plan for your brand in a few years time?
The plan is to begin creating 6 collections a year!

The F/W 2011 collection is all about freedom. Jonathan believes we are free to explore endless possibilities and pluralities of the self and the clothes reflect us mutating our personas and making them into whatever we want them to be. I love he always mixes the ideas with subculture and creates something new in his own way. The collection is exact a unisex collection. The long kilt, the Swarovski jumper, the paisley pattern are killing me. Jonathan got a great impact because of his Swarovski elements in the S/S 2011 and he just developed those shining elements to a new part of the body. And I love the shoes for SURE! The rubber sweater and cardigan impress me a lot as well. I would say the collection is breaking the boundary of genders. You won't be a effeminate man or a masculine woman when wearing it but just really a new gender between them. That's what I like the collection most is the balance which is really hard to handle.

I really wanna get these shoes!!
They are really cute and the bling bling part is also from Swarovski!
(I know I can't wear them i rainy days so please don't mention it)

I won't say Jonathan will be the next "someone" since he is a star already and I believe there are many people look forward to his creations every season right now! I feel amazed to do an interview with him and the feeling is like a fan interviewing his idol! I look forward to meet him in the future and feel his clothes again!

Special thanks Miho from A.I.

To know more about J.W. Anderson, please check his website.
To read the Chinese version please check Marie Claire Hong Kong April issue.

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