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Chinese always says besides our own talent, we need three other elements to be success.
They are the right time, the right place and the right people.
If you have Lady Gaga and Black Eye Peas to be your fans at the very beginning and much coverage in different media, I believe it's easier to achieve your goal.
A New York base fashion designer, Asher Levine just had a short trip to London and I am very pleasure  to chat with him.
Come and have coffee, We'll see the development of this 23 years old New York shining star!

How do you start your career?
My mother took me to a sewing class when I was very young. I was 10 when I started sewing.That was like an outing experience. I didn't wanna be a girly boy in sewing class but now I think if I didn't do sewing class then I wouldn't be introduced to fashion!
Then I just started to make clothes when I moved to New York for school. I just started going to the garment district and seeing all the options that I can work with. And I just want to make what I want to wear. Before I graduated school, I thought it's time to make a collection that has a direction and all goes together.
And I just launched that and I believe the future of fashion is definitely digital so it was complete digital launch. from there and we did Gaga and the Spring/Summer 2011 collection and we did more artists and the Fall/Winter 2011 collection. It's such a fun developmental experience.

How do you describe your style? What inspire you most?
I think it's important to have an unique sense of style.  everyone in London have their unique sense of style,New York is very much the same way and that's really what the collection is.

The new silhouette, the new fabrication and the new way to understand "sexy". I think we have to play with what sexy means. Especially in menswear, because the same silhouette of menswear has dominated the menswear fashion for 200 years. I think it's changing now. there are many new menswear designers are coming out with these new silhouette and redefine what sexy is.

How do you see the masculinity in menswear?
I always like to pair with the fluentness with structure. Menswear never had much fluidity in the past 100 years. Now I think when you introduce fluidity become a new extension of the body and also add different angles that exaggerate new parts of the body, it just make you sexier.
Men are nice to have broad shoulders but maybe something that BLOWS IN THE WIND! I think just adding these new elements to menswear is going to redefine this new sexy.

How did the Lady Gaga collaboration happen?
Nicloa Formichetti contacted us when they need things. We've gave them things for the new album. The first collaboration is the shooting of the Rolling Stone Magazine. It's crazy! Gaga is a amazing person! I like working with them. They give me a freedom.
I worked with stylists and they are always like "You have to be like this and this and this!" and I was like "If you want that, go to a costume shop"
Tell me the feeling that you want and We'll give it to you.
Nicola gave us an inspiration and we did 20 different sketches of the jacket... and we send them pictures and they get it and love it.

Where can we get your collection?How do you see the online market?
We have an online shop now. People buy through online and we ship all over the world. The clients through online would request for special size and we would custom make it for them. We've been meeting with buyers from all of the world. We have been just selling online and doing custom work.

We'll be putting the F/W 2011 collection soon! Last time we launched pretty soon after the S/S 2011 collection. I think the future is in digital sales. There is a buying experience when you go to a store but I also believe that there is a buying experience online. You can watch a model moves in the clothes. What I really wanna develop is an experience online and showing clothes and having them available immediately. I know it's gonna throw the fashion system off but I know that there is a way. Think about this - when a new collection comes out, you get really excited, But you have to wait for it!! I don't see the point of doing it!!

How do you see your business in 5 years time?
I always believe that you still have to continue what you believe and the core energy that inspire the collection. The collection will always be there but I think the brand should now into many different types of avenues. We got so much press on our accessories and our shoes. We really enjoy accessories and shoes because it's new way to spice something more dramatic what you wear.
We are thinking about perfume. We have be meeting sun glasses manufacturers and shoes collaboration.
In New York, There is a huge fabric warehouse in the basement and the basement is like a factory. They make clothes and and furniture there. I was just walking around the basement and seeing how furniture is made. So maybe there is furniture in the future!!
I think anything that has the ability to be designed.So, I don't know but we'll see!!

As his third collection, Asher continue exploring the structure and tailor of his biologically influenced desgins. This collection is just like a mixture of primitive and futuristic. The elephant trunk cape and the wildebeest jacket are just impressive!!! The mohair brain embroidered vest is one of my favourite! and the tartan shirt with angled sleeves is AMAZING!!! The collaboration sun glasses with Victor Osborne are must-have! And DON'T FORGET THE SHOES!! The amazing shoes are the work with Alpinestars! It's just a really special collection.

Here are some funny shots only for my blog:

I will probably get this shirt in the coming Fall!!!!

The vest is INCREDIBLE!

This is the first time and I've only met Asher once but I can really feel he is gonna be success. It's nothing about Lady Gaga or the collection. It's all about the attitude. He is always willing to share and is very resolute! I feel so great to meet this kind of people again in London and I really believe he is the next New York Shining Star in the fashion world!

Special thanks Nicholas from Blow

To know more about Asher Levine or to visit his online store,
Please visit his website

And finally I found a video about Asher which is really really fun!
Check how he looked when he was 12 :D

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