Sunday, 3 April 2011


Lazy Oaf is a London local brand.
I found it randomly when I was Hong Kong.
I was searching for a birthday gift for my friend in 2009.
I keep their website since I found it at that day and I just discovered they have a store when I move to London.

Lazy Oaf built up their brand in 2001 and own their store since 2004.
They have their own T-shirt and accessories line and sell funny stuffs(such as notebooks and stationery) at the same time.
Just like their name, Lazy Oaf, their products always make you smile.

They used to have dead fox scarf and burger hat but they don't produce them anymore.
I love the beard scarf, one pound coins bag most recently.
The guts sweater is also my favourite!

Their designs are not something sophisticated but something keep you smiling.
The reasonable price is another selling point of the products!
It' just a great place for searching presents for friends.

19 Fouberts Place

(It's just near the Gap at Regent street)
Please feel free to check their online store and I am sure you will get something make you laugh!

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