Sunday, 20 March 2011


I've just done an interview with a London innovative designer, Georgia Hardinge for a Chinese fashion website(Fashion Trend Digest).
I translated it into English since I would like to share it to more readers!

The first time I met Georgia is the Ones to Watch show from the Vauxhall Fashion Scout in the London Fashion Week last year. The pattern in her S/S 2011 collection just impressed me so much. Graduated from the Parsons Paris School of Art and Design, Georgia has collaborated with Samsung, Swarovski and Victoria’s Secret. In the F/W 2011 London Fashion Week, Georgia just got the Merit Award from the Vauxhall Fashion Scout. She is gonna rock the fashion world!!! It's my pleasure to do this interview with her for sharing her feeling in the industry. Congratulations Georgia!

Where does your inspiration usually come from?
My inspiration always relies heavily on architecture as a base, but I also find myself inspired by mediums such as poets, novelists, installation artists and geometric forms.

How do you feel when you get the Merit Award?
I felt absolutely fantastic - I am so proud to have Vauxhall Fashion Scout to believe in me

How does the collaboration with Victoria’s Secret happen?
Charlotte Stockdale has taken a lot of interest in my work and having seen my AW2010 ‘Cage’ collection she called me one day and invited me in to have a meeting.
When I went for a meeting with her and her Victoria Secret colleagues they explained the brief to me. They wanted to create some innovative showpieces that would highlight the Victoria’s Secret underwear so it was important to ensure that the chest and buttocks could be visible.
I love lingerie and costume so of course I was immediately interested!

Are there any other collaborations coming soon?
I would love to work with The Royal Ballet in costume design, and also with an architect or a set-designer. And of course with Victoria’s Secret again!
I have a couple of other amazing collaborations up my sleeve but I’ll have to let you know when they can be publicized!

Do you mind to tell us a bit about the latest collection? Are there any key pieces in the collection?
'Spined' Collection is one that embodies pure empowerment as my signature architectural style and striking silhouettes are coupled with detailed, sculptured contour design. The collection has a strong and skeletal feel; jackets, dresses and leggings have strips of folded and pleated leather and wool running down them in spine-like fashion, while it is the rather distinctive muscular, hand-crafted, vein-like print that enhances each garment.
I know you’ve just launched you online store, what do you feel about the online market?
The online market is the future! It is clear that it is growing rapidly. Even Mark Zuckerberg is investing in online retail outlets – it just goes to show. I am really excited about the future potential of my online shop!

What is your plan? Menswear collection?
What is next? Nobody ever knows! My dream is to become even more involved in costume design as well as building on the foundations of a very high end design house.

Photos by Christopher Dadey
Special thanks Kenny Wang from Vauxhall Fashion Scout
To know more about Georgia and to visit her online store, please visit her website.
To read the Chinese version please click here.

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