Sunday, 6 February 2011


The final talents in Selfridges are Rhea Thierstein (Set designer), Matthew Miller (Menswear deisgner), Little Glass Clementine (Accessories designer), Lee Roach (Menswaer designer) and Yang Du ( Womenswear deisgner)

I can't believe the bees in the Rhea Thierstein's window are made of newspapers.
Besides checking those windows, Selfridges is going to hold some events for those new talents!
The date of the events are :

14/2: Craig Lawrence's knitting workshop
15/2: Fashion sculpture demonstration by Alex Noble
16/2: Meet Simone Rocha
17/2: Sophie Stephens' life drawing class
18/2: Jessica Dance's set designs event
19/2: Little Glass Clementine's sustainable jewellery demonstration
20/12: Patternity's Pattern event

For more details of the designers, please click their names to visit their website.
For more information of the events, please click here to visit the Selfridges website.
For the previous 10 talents, please visit my SELFRIDGES tag

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