Monday, 21 February 2011


It's not my first time to meet Nin Castle, the director of Goodone.
She is one of my favourite innovative designers since I met her last year.
Aim at changing the fashion world positively, Goodone design their collections by mixing recycled fabrics and new fabrics.
The F/W 2011 collection brings us a colourful season.
Becasue of the mixture of fabrics, the collection is full of patchwork elements.
The Cable Dress in look.1 is the key piece of the collection.
Base on the classic panelled dress, Nin added some crochet and hand knitting decorations to give this dress a life.

As I said before, the Panel Dress in look.4 is one of the classic items of Goodone.
The new cutting and colour range makes the dress become sexier and and bring more femininity to the dress.

The Biker in look.5 is another key item in the collection.
Goodone combined different suede with knit and rib to create this lovely jacket.
It's the first time I see Goodone using suede as their materials.
My favourite piece is the Drape Front Cardigan in look.7.
The long scarf is just so brilliant.
I can imagine the effect when someone wearing it in a windy day.

Besides those garments, It's the first time for Goodone making their own accessories.
They are aran knit mittens and muffs and a chunky knit belt(in 3 colours).

As one of the leaders of fast fashion, H&M starts to produce a sustainable collection.
We really have to start taking care of our planet.
Excepting to follow Vivienne Westwood to stop buying clothes in 6 months, Goodone is another good choice for eco-friendly shoppers.
As Nin said "Sustainability and high-end luxury are not mutually exclusive."

Small notes:
Goodone do personal adjustment if you get their clothes at their online store.
You can have a perfect fit design with their professional team.

To get more details of Goodone and thier collection or visit their online store, Please visit their website.

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