Tuesday, 15 February 2011


As I mentioned it before, Selfridges is having many events for meeting new talents in their store.
It's a very great opportunity to understand the up-and-coming designers
Lawrence is a knit wear desgner who helped Gareth Pugh before he build up his own label.
We all know his knit wear collections are incredible but It's not often to watch the making process of those creations.
The wokshop let everyone to be the memeber of Lawrence's team and learn how to DIY a Lawrence's stuffs.
It's lovely to do hand knitting with plastic tape and it's my first time to do it.
I do appreciate Lawrence still hold this kind of event in this harsh time (London Fashion Week is coming this weekend!) and I believe it's a very great chance for him to promote his label in a well-known department store.

The coming events are:

16/2: Meet Simone Rocha
17/2: Sophie Stephens' life drawing class
18/2: Jessica Dance's set designs event
19/2: Little Glass Clementine's sustainable jewellery demonstration
20/12: Patternity's Pattern event

For more information of the events, please click here to visit the Selfridges website.
To know more about Lawrence, please click here to visit his website.
To view Lawrence's window in Selfridges, please click here.

(Please forgive my awful English =P. There will be a fashion week report very soon!)

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