Monday, 24 January 2011


I think I did tell you guys World's End is one of the reason of building this blog.
I know you all can recognize Vivienne's stores but I am so surprised that many of my friends don't really know what World's End is.
The guides of London usually recommend the Conduit Street flagship store and the new man store.
I took some friends to World's End but they felt so tired after visiting there because it's not close to the tube station.

I would say you really have to visit World's End if you like Vivienne or at least you want to know more about her and her clothes since it's the origin of Vivienne.
I feel quite upset I never met Chinese there.
I usually meet some Japanese trying on the classic Rocking Horse shoes there.
Do Chinese only visit the Conduit Street store?
Besides selling Gold Label and Man label, there is a World's End special line only availbale there.
You can find some off-season pieces and Vivienne's favourite under that label.
If you are lucky, you can even find samples and SHOW PIECES there!!!!

I usually recommend some of the products from the store when I write this topic but there is no must-have in World's End.
It's something like playing treasure hunt when you visit World's End.
You never know what you can find inside everytime.
The must-have of World's End is Lisa, the friendly manager. 

I don't know if everyone knows  there are 2 buses(number 11/22)going to World's End directly from the exit of Sloane Square tube station.
Walking 20-30 minutes through King's Road is an other way.

Small secret:
If you love Vivienne's evening dress but can't afford the Gold Label and don't like Red Label, you should try World's End.
I know they got something special!
Call them or send them an e-mail if you are not in London!

for more details please visit their website

Address of World's End:
430 King's Road,

See you There!

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