Wednesday, 19 January 2011


I have a article topic called "Getting Lost in London" in my Chinese blog.
I know some of my friends love those articles and now I would like to write the first English version here.(If I have time, the previous articles will be translated to English very soon.)
Getting Lost in London is a topic for me to explore London.
I mainly introduce new stores, lovely stores and my favourite stores there.
I hope you enjoy it.

I don't know if any asian heard of Couverture or The Garbstore before but I love the idea and the decoration of the store very very very much!(I know it's a bit exaggerated.)
Their store name is quite long since they group 2 brands together to build this store.
Couventure is a lifestyle brand selling womenswear, children's wear, toys and home accessories.
The Garbstore is a menswear brand. i would say the brand is very simple, wearable and basic.
You can find some details but just not a catchy brand.

I think the store is a love story because Emily Dyson, the director of Couverture and Ian Paley, the director of The Garbstore is a couple!
They give their love to this store since 2008.
How sweet it is!

It's just so amazing for me to visit a store with a not very big entry but a giant store with 3 levels.
They are still having sale when I visit them last time and I just love they use the flowerpots to tell us they are on sale.
It really makes me think of my garden at home in Hong Kong.

The ground floor and the first floor of the store is Couverture area and the lower ground floor is The Grabstore area.
I love the children's area most, the hand poppets and puzzles...
It's a really great store and I will bring more friends there!
A store with comfortable mood and friendly staffs is more important than with many luxury decorations.
That's why I love World's End!!
Couverture and The Garbstore will be my favourite store in Portobello!

For more information of the store and the brands, please click here to visit their website!
Address of Couverture and The Garbstore: 
188 Kensington Park Road
Portobello London

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